Clausura Cava – Reserva Brut Nature Ecològic

Data sheet.

    • Varieties: 55% Xarello, 35% Macabeo and 10% Parellada.
    • Vintage: 2014.
    • Aging: Under carefully controlled temperature and humidity, they remain in the caves a minimum of 20 months.
    • Alcohol percentage: 11.5% vol. Total acidity: 6.9 g / l Sugar: 0.7 g / l.

Product Details.
Origin: Our cava is made from organic grapes grown in Sant Sadurní d Anoia in the high Penedés region of Barcelona.
Organic production: Our process is in accordance with strict standards established by the 2012 European Union norms for organic wine production, which is appealing to more and more consumers who value the high antioxidant properties of wine without contaminants or pesticides.

Tasting notes.
Our cava is pale yellow with a fresh aroma thanks to the traces of fruit of the base wine and the 20-month aging process. Good bubble release, without too much carbon dioxide and with a balanced acidity, it is a pleasure to drink. Best served well-chilled between 41°F and 43°.

Recommended Pairings
Ideal to pair with charcuterie, appetizers and starters, as well as a variety of grilled meats and seafood. Its balanced flavor and organic production make our cava a perfect sparkling wine to make everyday meals and occasions more memorable, yet is special enough to serve as an excellent celebratory sparkling wine for wedding toasts, exclusive events or other special occasions.

Clausura Cava Rose

Data Sheet.

    • Varieties: Pinot Noir (85%) and Trepat (15%).
    • Vintage: 2017 – Issue: January 2018.
    • Aging: Under constant temperature and humidity conditions, it remains in the cellars for a minimum of 12 months.
    • Graduation: 11.5% vol.
    • Total acidity: 4.9g l-Sugar: 1.4 g / l.

Product Details.
Made with the varieties of Pinot Noir and Trepat to achieve a classic Digging according to the traditional method and that guarantees an excellent quality.

Tasting notes.
Color red cherry with a clear and bright appearance with a fine and persistent bubble with a characteristic aroma of red fruits such as strawberries offers an amazing fresh taste.

We recommend serving it between 5-7 ° C temperature.

Recommended Pairings.
Suitable for all occasions, especially for starters, appetizers and brunch.